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Live streaming is now a popular and effective tool for communication being used by businesses of all sizes and industries. Elite Video of Boise specializes in live streaming video for our clients across the U.S. We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Live Streaming to your website, Facebook page or YouTube channel
  • Live Streaming to your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or an Android device* (*available on certain channels)
  • And other Live Streaming channels available

Why do you need a live streaming video service?

Live streaming is an affordable way to promote your business on the Internet. The live streaming video is professionally edited to fit the needs of your company, and we’ll help you use any extra content for future videos, advertisements or other promotional materials. We’ll also help you find the best times to live stream, so that you can attract your ideal audience. Live streaming services have become a great way for businesses to establish a personal connection with their audiences on an individual level.

Elite Video of Boise is the leading online video production service provider in the area. We provide high-quality live streaming video, recording, and post-production services to customers all over the world. We specialize in providing services to small businesses, as well as other large companies and associations.

We also provide live streaming video production for parties, weddings, conferences, trade shows and other events. If you’re looking for a production company in Boise that can handle all your live streaming video needs, call Elite Video of Boise today!

Videos are made to highlight the positive aspects of your business. This live streaming video service is ideal for those dealing with:

  • New Products
  • Announcements
  • Events
  • Holiday Announcements
  • Technology
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Customer Service
  • Company Overviews
  • Or any other content you want to showcase

Our team of professionals here at Elite Video of Boise will help you plan every detail of your production. We’ll offer suggestions that will help you improve your online presence and draw in potential customers. Once the live streaming video is complete, we’ll deliver the files to you. We want your video to be a healthy promotional product for your business and will reduce the file size as much as possible so that it can be streamed over the Internet.

What You Can Expect if You Work With Us?

Elite Video of Boise provides our clients with top-quality live streaming video services that are geared towards achieving their goals of increasing business, brand recognition, as well as drawing in new consumers. We will help you create a visually appealing live streaming video that is unique and will grab the attention of potential clients.

Our staff of industry professionals has been working in the digital media and online video world for many years, and are ready to meet any of your live streaming video needs. Contact us today so we can give you a free quote for our services.

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